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BRI Construction Achievements

On August 27, 2018, the State Council Information Office held a press conference to introduce the progress of the “Belt and Road” construction in the past five years. According to statistics, 103 countries and international organizations have signed 118 “One Belt, One Road” agreements with China. Cooperation Agreement, of the 279 results of the first “One Belt, One Road” International Cooperation Summit in 2017

Is the debt trap a geo political trap

During the past few months the news and clashes upon Belt & Road and specially CPEC has come to an era of intensifying. It is surfacing especially with the tariff conflicts between USA and China and then interest by Gulf countries for CPEC projects that usually are strong allies with USA and in the eyes of US administration they are not doing right thing by turning towards East, no matter it is China or Japan.

BRI and geo-political approach about expansions

Ali Farmandeh I think the Belt & Road Initiative is the hottest topic now a days among both business people and politicians. As BRI considers and evaluated by different approaches both for and against, new facts, ideas, feedbacks, opinions and analysis reach public and more specific target groups. It brings about even myths that sometimes are so near or far from the original idea or reality of BRI.

Chinese and Swedish delegations

Chinese and Swedish delegations at the Sheraton Conference in Stockholm 22nd October.

Båda Kongoflodens gigantprojekt kontrakterade

BRIX 21 oktober --- Den gigantiska kraftverksdammen Inga 3 skall nu byggas i Kongofloden, med en planerad effekt på 11.000 MW, motsvarande 11 stora kärnkraftverk. Detta blev klart när Kongo skrev avtal med både Kinas Three Gorges Corporation, som byggde Tre raviners damm i

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Trade and cooperation projects surged between China and countries along the route of Belt and Road Initiative during the first quarter as more foreign companies get involved